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Marvelous TV Club

Loki is here, and the Marvelous TV Club will recap each new episode with three unique pods every week:

  • Storycast with Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) and Maeve Adams (@MaeveAdams) explores the primary themes of each episode
  • PonderVision with Jesse Taylor (@jesseltaylor) unearths and addresses the mind-bendy-iest questions the episode raised
  • Charactercast with Kristine Kippins (@kippinsk) evaluates the choices and arcs of our favorite characters

All episodes are hosted and produced by Marc Faletti (@MarcFaletti). Join the Club and see why our original approach to TV analysis will help you remember more and focus your own thoughts about the episode!

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Jun 28, 2021

The clues Sylvie dropped about her history might've revealed much more than she intendedā€”especially about her relationship to the TVA. And while Loki's moral compass has proven unreliable so far, one crucial event on Lamentis may have changed all of that.

Meanwhile, from motivations to instincts to attention span,...

Jun 26, 2021

Let's face it: The name "Lamentis" is telegraphing that you're gonna have a bad time. But maybe there's more to that name than meets the eye? Meanwhile, there are so many small details that raise big questions, like:

Where is Sylvie's missing horn?

What's at the top of those gold elevators?

Where's that Lamentis scene...

Jun 24, 2021

They say you can't truly love someone else until you love yourself. But, uh, what if you combine those into one relationship? 

The third episode of Loki is an intimate examination of love, but not in any traditional way. Like Loki and Sylvie, it's subversive, chaotic, and interested in testing the boundaries of what's...

Jun 21, 2021

Sylvie pulled off her scheme, but what's her real agenda? Loki dove through her time door, so does that mean he's given up on the TVA? And will Mobius's mistakes mean he's a fugitive from the only life he's ever known?

Charactercast goes inside the hearts and minds of our main characters to tease out their plans,...

Jun 19, 2021

The TVA cafeteria is a source of endless mystery. How do they decide what food is available? Where do those Jostas even come from? And if you like *that* mystery, wait til we get to the question of how there can be both a sacred timeline and a bunch of different Lokis running around! 

Loki episode 2 gave us a ton to...