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Marvelous TV Club

Loki is here, and the Marvelous TV Club will recap each new episode with three unique pods every week:

  • Storycast with Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) and Maeve Adams (@MaeveAdams) explores the primary themes of each episode
  • PonderVision with Jesse Taylor (@jesseltaylor) unearths and addresses the mind-bendy-iest questions the episode raised
  • Charactercast with Kristine Kippins (@kippinsk) evaluates the choices and arcs of our favorite characters

All episodes are hosted and produced by Marc Faletti (@MarcFaletti). Join the Club and see why our original approach to TV analysis will help you remember more and focus your own thoughts about the episode!

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Jun 17, 2021

If the first episode of Loki pitted free will against fate, the second episode sets up a clash of order vs. chaos. This tension ripples throughout the relationship between Loki and Mobius, but also in the showdown between Loki and his female counterpart. Even the jet ski plays a crucial role in this debate!

But that's not all. "The Variant" also explores how much our ideology can shape the reality we perceive. And when competing views of reality come face-to-face, violence is usually just around the corner...

Join Amanda Marcotte, Maeve Adams, and Marc Faletti as we strip Loki's second episode down to the scaffolding to see what makes it tick.