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Marvelous TV Club

Loki is here, and the Marvelous TV Club will recap each new episode with three unique pods every week:

  • Storycast with Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) and Maeve Adams (@MaeveAdams) explores the primary themes of each episode
  • PonderVision with Jesse Taylor (@jesseltaylor) unearths and addresses the mind-bendy-iest questions the episode raised
  • Charactercast with Kristine Kippins (@kippinsk) evaluates the choices and arcs of our favorite characters

All episodes are hosted and produced by Marc Faletti (@MarcFaletti). Join the Club and see why our original approach to TV analysis will help you remember more and focus your own thoughts about the episode!

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Jul 10, 2021

PonderVision is back to take you for a mind-bending ride through the wildest questions raised by Loki episode 5, "Journey into Mystery!"

Inside the episode, we explore the easter eggs littered throughout the Void, the ideal candidates for the Big Bad at the end of time, how Loki's powers work, and more. 

Then we step into the real world to discuss the controversy surrounding a Loki reviewer, the challenge of meeting fan expectations for the series finale, and Jesse's fond memories of childhood D.A.R.E. concerts.

Join Jesse Taylor and Marc Faletti for all of this, a few convoluted sports analogies (we promise we're banning them for a while!) and who knows what else on PonderVision!